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The X Files, the whole show


    The X Files, the whole show

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    Bookshelf Dioramas, Marc Giai-Miniet

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    Houses of the Holy

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  6. GPOY

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  9. Dégommons le Projet Vipères.... →


    Bon j’ai attendu aussi avant de critique la BD “projet Vipères” d’Alexis Koleszar visant à parodier le site tumblr projetcrocodiles
    et comme prévu, c’est du tout moisi.
    Loin d’apaiser les tensions comme Alexis Koleszar disait,sur le forum Jeuxvideos.com c’est un manque…

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  11. 2 July 2014

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    The 31 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Woman →

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    its so fucking DUMB how guys have so many preferences and dislikes about girls clothing like fuck yall 97% of boys literally wear the ugliest shit ever looking like walking cucumbers where are the articles on your dumb fuck khaki shorts

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  14. Why Is Orphan Black Still Fighting a War Buffy Should Have Won Over 10 Years Ago? | Vanity Fair →

    Joss Whedon’s ground-breaking TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended its run over 10 years ago. And though its influence on our cultural landscape is clear, it seems as though the larger takeaway lesson hasn’t properly stuck. That lesson? The geek community is ready for strong women. It has been for quite sometime. So why is this a war that’s still being waged?

    For every good example of strong women in the geek-driven community (the strong women of Westeros, the box-office supremacy of Katniss), there’s a crushing moment of exclusion. There’s still no Wonder Woman or Black Widow movie, and the creators behind the popular video game Assassin’s Creed think women aren’t worth the trouble.

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